Compare with the traditional T shape , Aurora T hood has a body form that is more fit for the Chinese family kitchen space. The inclination of the air inlet surface can improve the hood’s performance to a high level , therefore the forehead can move back nearly 10cm,flushing with the cabinet door sheet , lowering the risk of the user bumping their head . Also the hood’s panel and the chimney’s panel are on the same plane , which contributes to a more even visual effect for the product , even for the whole kitchen. Thinking of easy cleaning , we use glass to make the air inlet panel . About the hob:stir-fry and soup-cooking is the main cooking styles in China. Therefore we fully considered the dietary habit of the Chinese users. The burner design, we mirrored the plane engine design concept , direct-injected burning, 5KW power,the flame is even and powerful . In the middle of the burner we adopt the IR combustion system , restore to the charcoal fire-Chinese tradition. By the experiment results , we have menu division focus on the power. The users only need to use the dial to switch to the corresponding menu. On the side face of the dial is the wave shape antiskid finish.

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