The Smart Oven Air is the new flagship in Breville’s counter top oven range featuring industry leading cooking performance and simplifying cooking techniques like slow cooking, dehydrating and proofing.

The versatility achieved by its PID controlled temperature precision, large temperature range, powerful dual speed fan, 13 cooking functions and large cooking chamber that is optimized for your preferred cookware enables truly meaningful cooking benefits.

The convection system utilized in the oven provides more cooking control to the operator. The patent pending design moves a greater air volume at higher speeds enabling air frying, dehydrating and uniform roasting.

Additionally the oven features a phase cook function, allowing you to program two cooking phases in sequence. This extends recipe possibilities for example intense heat to brown a roast followed by low and slow heat for a delicate interior.

The Smart Oven Air leverages Breville’s patented Element IQ technology automatically moving heat above and below the food to where it’s needed most delivering precise, stable cooking temperatures and direct radiant energy at the right time for whatever food you are cooking.

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