AirBra, an innovative and highly functional bra, provides not only ultra-comfortable push-in and up effects but also multiple ways to wear under different types of clothing. AirBra utilizes the “AIR Push-up” system that replaces ordinary support materials such as metal wire, sponge, or silicon paddings. It enables wearers to pump different air volume to their preference, creating the perfect lift and cleavage. According to our research, over 90% of women have asymmetrical bra cup sizes, and with AIR Push-up, wearers can easily adjust air volume for the left and right cups; this is especially important for those have had breast augmentation or reduction surgeries.

AirBra is also committed to sustainability by adapting a high-frequency welding technology to save production hours, reduce material waste, as well as lower size inventory, which has been a long-standing problem for the lingerie industry. By attaching a Velcro system, AirBra ensures that the cup and bust band no longer need to be fix-integrated during production, which not only significantly lowers inventory but also caters to various body shapes.

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