Beijing Xuannan Cultural Museum, built in the ancient 400-year-old Changchun temple of Ming Dynasty, is an epitome of the history and culture of the city’s south area.
The design and editing of the album follows the temporal sequence, leading readers to "open" the gate to enter the museum and visit the exhibition halls.
The design style of the album strives to integrate traditional Chinese culture and modern sense. The bright brick red is used throughout the album, which symbolizes some of the traditional graphics.
The album uses a variety of paper and printing processes. For instance, the handwritten books by the then imprisoned Chinese revolutionist Li Dazhao and collections of ancient rare books are printed with rice paper, which not only has a sense of history, but also enriches the visual and tactile experience of the readers.
The album cover adopts one inner page of a rare book, using the characters to accentuate the essence of Chinese culture and history of thousands of years.
The book case (letter sets) uses an innovative oblique style, which protects the album and makes it easier for readers to access and store.

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