The ECCO EXOSTRIKE™ DYNEEMA® Edition is a fast hiking boot that combines fully-functional attributes with innovative design.
Its revolution starts in the sole with light, new P.U PHORENE™ midsole which is climate-blind up to -40 degrees, an external P.U heel stiffener and trail-grabbing rubber outsole. On top is world-first DYNEEMA® BONDED LEATHER by ECCO — extra strong, lightweight and soft, providing superb tear resistance, a high strength-to-weight ratio and water repellent properties.
The design and material selection was driven by a desire to create truly hybrid styles that are fully functional for the outdoors, while retaining the street-smart styling of a sneaker. The weight, thickness and extreme strength of the innovative DYNEEMA® BONDED LEATHER by ECCO is the stage for a shoe that fulfils the needs of a new outdoor generation.
The idea to bond Dyneema® fibre with leather was to create a material that is thin, lightweight yet strong, while having a luxurious look and feel. A hybrid leather that retains the characteristics of both materials.
EXOSTRIKE™ is a leap forward for a fast hiking boot.

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