The new graphical user interface of the KaVo ESTETICA Vision E70 | E80 control and assistant panel pushes the limits of the industry’s premium standards.

For the first time complex patient information and health records are accessible through an easy to use medical interface at the dental unit itself, equipping doctors with information right where they need it: at the patient. A key innovation in the dental life science business that accelerates the quality in treatment for patients.

With the new interface, that runs on an innovative touchscreen navigation, the control panel enables frictionless treatment and simplifies maintenance processes. The interface has been optimized for two image orientations to serve different user needs.

A user centered innovation process based on in-depth workflow analysis and intense user studies ensures a seamless, simple and delightful user experience.

The design is timeless, to account for the long product cycles of life science products, and implements KaVo’s corporate values of simplicity, reliability and transparency at the highest level.
The result is an extraordinary yet simple to use graphical interface for KaVo’s premium lines E70 | E80.

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