Jhong-Dou Theater is located in the Sanmin District of Kaohsiung City,Taiwan. Jhong-Dou Street was named after the theater, illustrating the historical importance of this theater to the area,and the city. Built in 1966, the original theater had its glory in the 70s and 80s.
It was once upon a time the generator of
commercial and leisure activities in Kaohsiung. However, time passed and Kaohsiung grew into a metropolitan city. In the late 80s, the original Jhong-Dou Theater lost its battle with the new times it found itself in, as well as more modern

In this project, our design aim is to awaken the people of Kaohsiung’s spatial memory about Jhong-Dou Theater and to have a new
interpretation of the historical context.
Moreover, our biggest hope is to bring back the laughter and self-recognition for the Jhong-Dou community from this revitalization process.

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