There is a light of future generation which has not increased the visibility so much.
It is Organic LED(OLED) light.
How can we express the possibility of OLED.
This booth is made of the planar sketch taste graphic like the designer’s idea sketch becomes steric directly.
This concept is to display „idea“ using OLED for space design and light design.
How can we approach the design idea for walls ,ceilings ,furniture and fixtures and light devices taking advantage of OLED attractive slimness and evenness of light-emitting face to maintain good eyesight.
The designers, clients and engineers brought ideas and made all the light devices as trial products .We display them as case study.
This is „abstract graphic“ and „concrete OLED idea“ display.
The contrast emphasizes the OLED idea diffusing in the space and stimulates the inspiration of other architects and interior designer.

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