Nowadays, the pattern of recording are more and more convenience and flexible . But , we are likely to miss some instant moment or forget to feeling during taking the phone . Otherwise , A number of records occupy much space and need more attention to deal .
Jii is first camera utilizing brain wave without our imagine . It can grab the frame when user is most excited with cerebral cortex , then order by what user need and tidy to save or share .
This product records voltage change in the left frontal cortex going through detector , reads mood swings of brain timely , seizes and analyzes rate of brain wave. Once the brain wave reaching specified threshold , Jii will shoot automatically . In addition , Jii can automatically edit video through app by judging the threshold . Small and exquisite , head-mounted design , Jii is not only fashion but also become more technological . When you are outside with Jii , you can shoot and edit freely without your hands . At the same time , background of app can collect information of brain wave , emotion models , pictures , voice and so on to crossover operation and deep learning .

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