DoorCam™ is the world’s first and only wireless, over-the-door smart security camera that can be placed over any door (in or outside) to help secure any home, apartment, condo, room, closet, etc. via real-time and recorded HD video. Furthermore, it decreases the chances of a break-in for apartment and condo residents who cannot install security cameras due to HOA regulations.

It has an inescapable 160º field of view and is built for accuracy via a passive infrared sensor. When someone or something approaches a user’s door, DoorCam sends an alert to the user’s smart device allowing them to view the footage live in 720p HD video, communicate with the visitor via full duplex audio or watch the recorded footage at a later time.

DoorCam is also the only outdoor camera/video doorbell with indoor Wi-Fi connectivity which combats low quality, lagging and ineffective footage. Its Wi-Fi chipset and antenna are housed in the back of the device which rests inside the home ensuring users enjoy their outdoor camera in the most optimal network environment possible. Lasting up to 1 year of power, using 3 D batteries, DoorCam’s wireless feature makes it portable and easy to install.

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