More and more people are getting into videography and want to realize their vision. The Kylin-M is a 3-axis stabilizer that guarantees your video will remain steady and clear virtually regardless of movement, and allows for all sorts of different tools and attachments to be connected to it. Our gimble is designed with a unique handle that allows the user to carry their camera in an upright fishing rod style for mid to high angle shots, or can be rotated into a handle position so it can be carried like you would a duffle bag. This handle position is perfect for the user to capture mid to low angle shots, but also relieves a lot of the weight and pressure on the user’s arm while shooting. The handle is also made with a specialized port that supports devices like a remote monitor transmitter or remote controllers so the gimbal can be placed in a position and controlled from a distance.

The Kylin-M also connects directly to most cameras so that they may be charged and controlled from the gimbal directly. The handle on the Kylin-M is designed with controls so that the camera’s recording start/stop, zoom, focus, and shutter functions can be directly controlled from the gimbal itself

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