Before when users take Panorama and Moving Time Lapse, they spent lots of time and steps to achieve, even users are professional photographer.

INNOPLAY PANO360 is a new and innovative solution to take creative images and videos in a simple and immediate way. INNOPLAY PANO360 makes it extremely quick and easy to shoot time lapse video and panoramas. Without wasting time in post-production phase thanks to the complete App that guide the users in all the phases of the shooting.

It is a very compact and lightweight 360° rotating head for easy to carry-around, intuitive and easy to set-up and use. Solid aluminum case design for tough environment, ¼” inch one Axis Crutch System on top for apply on smartphones, different cameras and devices up to 2Kg and ¼” thread for tripods.

INNOPLAY PANO360 apply automation engineering and digitalize design thinking turn 360 plus panorama into simple way assess easily with remote and software applications by Bluetooth wireless connection. It turns automatically with over 5000 steps in precision way when users pressed time lapsing button, it provides new and automatic features with decent design.

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