iFootage Motion S1A3 is an innovative wireless 3-Axis Motion Control System that boasts a sleek and compact design, feature-rich operation and modular design. Featuring 100% repeatable, precise motion control for time-lapse, multi-layer, stop-motion, photo panorama, shutter mode and program looping applications.
Built-in 3 power saving modes and 100WH broadcast-quality battery could be used for more than 16 hours. Multi-level driving gears which offer high-precision. More important, iFootage Motion S1A3 owns the biggest torque power and stepless increasing in wide range without replacing different gears.
iFootage Motion S1A3 can meet the specific needs that each user requires. Built for modular expansion, users have the ability to expand their system as their needs change. No matter if the shooting job requires a 3-axis / 2-axis / 1-axis motion control, iFootage Motion S1A3 can be configured to meet the demands of filmmakers.

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