The Red Fox O2 Sport Camera revolutionally combines the mechanical pan / tilt image stabilization system used in the drone with a compact body with built-in roll and pitch axes for extremely sensitive jitters compensation. , Even without external PTZ, the same can shoot stable and smooth high-quality video, easy to carry and improve the freedom of shooting. Can shoot up to 4K 30 frames / second ultra-high definition video and 12 million pixels, equipped with 83 ° lens, F2.6 large aperture, support live, that is open and shoot, keep records of life.
Cylindrical appearance design, ergonomic design. The fuselage with aviation-class metal material, earthquake crash-worthy, IP67-level waterproof, to meet the needs of outdoor photography, the bottom of the 1/4 inch threaded interface design can be used with the sport camera peripheral accessories, high flexibility.
The camera body has only three buttons, the basic mode of operation is simple, through the combination of keys, click, double-click, you can switch delay recording, slow motion, interval photography and other recording modes, easy to use and easy to use.

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