The Insta360 ONE is the most versatile 360° camera ever. Compact and intuitive, it’s ready for standalone use, remote control via Bluetooth, and direct connection to a phone for live-streaming. It also introduces FreeCapture, a new way to create video that stands to change the way we think about cameras in general.

By leveraging a clever lens positioning, the ONE captures 360° video in 4K and 360° photos in 24 MP, all while maintaining an ultra-portable form factor. With its unique foldable Lightning connector, the Insta360 ONE can link up with a smartphone to turn it into a 360° broadcasting and publishing tool.

FreeCapture lets users capture every angle of an experience. Then, they can easily re-frame the best parts by peering through their phone display into the original 360° recording – as if through a viewfinder – to create a new video. It’s a magic-like inversion of the usual recording process. You shoot first, and point later.

With FreeCapture, adventure-sports athletes can hit record on the ONE and rest assured they’ll lock in every highlight, in every direction. Parents spending time with a new child can be present in the moment, and capture it at the same time.

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