DETU MAX is the world’s first 8K professional 3D VR panoramic camera equipped with the AI chip, bringing innovative high quality and real 3D VR panoramic images, and elevating immersive experience to a new level.
It uses the principles of simulation biology, simulates binocular vision to capture images, and makes lifelike 3D panoramic images.

DETU MAX is both powerful and aesthetically pleasing. It does not only reflect professional quality and strong video recording function through excellent combination of materials, but also stand out from other products in the market by its unique design. From the design of flush-mounted top handle that’s integrated with the body to the all-round decoration of central inlet grille as well as bottom cooling, it’s integrated and refreshing appearance has created a strong sense of future technology.
DETU MAX is equipped with 8 top optical lenses .Built-in HiSilicon AI chip, using artificial intelligence to identify, track and focus the faces in the image in real time, and to capture the faces with the clearest and best angle. completely improves the unsatisfactory panoramic view immersive experiences available in the market.

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