[Service summary]

– ‘IoT@home’ is a service that supports the lives of families by providing features that allow users to easily check/control objects in homes.

– Users who are already using the service will enjoy a unified user experience through each device’s modularized designs.

– We are creating ‘IoT@home’ to become a service that saves user’s energy consumption and time, while making their lives safer and more convenient.

– ‘IoT@home‘ has 70,000 subscribers in Korea.

[Design features]

01. Guide cards
– Guides with entertaining illustrations are provided to help users to easily understand useful information.

02. Icon
– Icons are designed by using visual metaphors of devices’ appearances to make them easy to understand.

03. Interaction
– ON/OFF animation send clear feedbacks to users and add some fun to daily uses.

04. Information Visualization
– Easy to understand graphs are provided per data types. Users will be able to understand
the core information with ease.

05. Card modularized
– A card like design is implemented to make each device’s information easy to understand devices’ features are modularized to provide a unified UX

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