The new generation of automatic INTERIOR sliding doors is a contribution to the architectural design. They are suitable for low and medium interior pedestrian traffic – for business and personal use.

We develop innovations focusing on smooth and silent operation, simple and secure use and integration by built-in sensors. Our products are acknowledged for their modern design, materials, colors and smart application.

The slim 6 cm drive with different leaf solutions presents a complete story of perfection and enhanced safety. The line design creates an esthetic appearance. By integrating decor in handles and on the drive, we put emphasis on architectural details. Materials like wood, metal, textile and other artificial materials add a personal note to furniture, desks or sofas.

The automatic door system complies with low energy consumption directives and standards. We take pride in its excellent electric power consumption of less than 0.5W in sleep mode, which means 70% less power usage than other standard doors in the market.

The main advantages are: air-flow restriction, noise reduction, limited access (business entrance, secure department), and perfection in style.

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