3B S.p.A. developed a completely new range of DECORATIVE FILMS and DECORATIVE EDGES made from 100% RECYCLED PET coming from used PET bottles collected by the municipalities. The decorative films and edges are then used to manufacture the doors and furniture components with the desired color and finish.
By doing this we avoid to use further fossil fuels needed for the decorative film and edges in PET, PP, ABS, PS, PMMA, PVC and other type of plastics.
Moreover we also help to reduce the amount of USED PET BOTTLES that are dramatically increasing everyday in the landfills or in the worse case that are lost in rivers, lakes and ultimately in the oceans and becoming a real problem for nature, wildlife and finally for the human beings. A PET bottle could take up to several hundreds years to decompose either in landfills or in the environment and meanwhile it is decomposing it is also polluting our environment.
Ultimately we protect our environment by giving used PET bottles a second life which can last for decades as a furniture in our homes.
3B S.p.A. is committed in innovating the furniture industry with sustainable products.

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