The Pathway® is designed to bring family members and close friends together in one final shared experience: participating directly in the design and creation of a truly personalised coffin.

Instead of just one person choosing the design, the Pathway® has eight separate panels that can be shared amongst family and friends to design or decorate in whatever way they each feel most suitably honours the life of their loved one.

They can choose any material suitable for use on the panels such as soft tactile fabrics or clean printed vinyl and finish it with either a blackboard, whiteboard or corkboard lid allowing an even wider circle of friends and family to write or pin memories and messages.

Made from a solid hardwood frame of sustainable wood, this can be left natural and polished or painted in any colour you choose.

A simple but brilliant idea, JC Atkinson’s Pathway® is a game changer. It turns the coffin into a focal point for celebrating the life of the deceased and enabling a far greater number of people to come together to contribute. (Picture show a Coffin shape and a Casket Shape Pathway).

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