SmartCube is a new product basing on the exploration of outlet forms by Gongniu. It’s more like a mini power management platform, concentrating on living room environment, solving problems like messiness of plugs, unaesthetic layout and low space utilization.
1.The integration design of sockets and wire management, which subverts conventional sockets‘ image and combines better with modern living environment.
2.Vertical design can save the desktop space.
3.Controlled remotely through WiFi, which can connect with the AI sound, and operated by voice controlling.
4.With a design of 115 ° included angle, and rotatable sockets, SmartCube can satisfy simultaneous use for several plugs.
5.Back buckle for cable guide, effective regulating power cord.
6.Combined with specialized APP, Smart cube can manage domestic electric equipment , remotely group and control power on-off ,timing control and so on.
7.It has several safety reminding function, such as electric quantity statistics, overload warning and lightning protection failure.

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