oneA STORM System has combined a variety of products which to most end-users are regarded as products that causes annoyance and visual stress – and turned them into attractive products such as motion sensors, speakers, smoke alarms, spotlight e.t.c all the products combine aesthetics and technology –as well as being easy to assemble and change, our special designed „snap lock“ uses a new technology within its category.
oneA STORM System is built around the system of a mounting ring – which can be incorporated into various building structures; plaster, acoustic ceilings, wood, etc.
All products are flush with the building materials.
The system is designed to make it possible to change a component with another, thanks to the interface and the exact same size of every component it is easy to change products.
The product range (lighting) has been on the market since 2012. The newest products are targeted for launch in 2015.
Due to our very high end demands according to finish and minimal visibility, we use high quality materials. All subcontractors have been carefully selected and we have worked intensely with the best craftsmanship and most modern technology in all areas.

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