For centuries of innovation, the lock has remained dependent in a second part of the product, the physical key. Ola’s design was based on one goal, the evolution of the concept of “key”. The capacitive fingerprint sensor handle integrated makes the user’s thumb an actual “key” to unlock Ola, not only took the key out of the equation and replaced it with your thumb, but taking one step out in product usage that has been the same for centuries, looking for keys. But also discards standard unwieldy metal keys and all the problems they bring. Ola also opened new possibilities by making locks not only to keep people out, but to allow people in, making goods and infrastructure available to the right people, just by sharing a Bluetooth e-key via the Ola app at any given time and place. Rehearsal studios, sports facilities and private facilities meant for public use, etc. All available at the touch of a finger. Crafted zinc alloy lock body with electrophoretic coating keeps the lock strong. Ola’s twin battery set system always keeps it functional and it can be opened over 30,000 times before changing batteries. A micro USB OTG port allows Ola to be powered even after batteries are out.

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