This multifunctional charging station is totally different from normal „brick“ style.
1. The unit is a combination of traditional leads and compact storage box, which avoid clutter in your clean house while charging.
2. The childproof lock on top of the box locks all the sockets and leads inside the box and effectively prevents children from inserting fingers into the power socket and cause safety accidents, it also prolong the service life of the sockets.
3. The holes on the rear of the item could hold the charging leads just right.
4. 3 universal USB charging port (1×2.1amp;2x1amp)auto detect connected devices and modify its Amps output for full speed charging on ANY Apple, Andriod, Windows tablets and smart phones, and other USB devices, also 8 power supply socket are perfect to charge various household appliances.
5. Lightningproof and Surge Protector Function.
6. 3 long grooves on the top panel allows you to position your devices in a clean and safe location.
7. Made of fire-proof ABS material for safely purpose, and the classic black and white appearance could always be in harmony with any of your house style.

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