“The Biggest Curved OLED Signage Design in the World”
Using 820 OLED plates, this digital signage implements 1,700,352,000 pixels of resolution with a size of 709.69 m². It is the biggest OLED signage which has made to Guinness Book of World Records.
Using the characteristic of an OLED signage that allows an installation in a flexible curvature, a wave display that embodies the image of waves of sea has been adopted, which adds beauty to the place it is installed. The wave shape is designed in a curvature that is the most optimal not only for its beauty but also for the characteristics of installation places and the visibility with regard to moving paths.
Through its features, visitors can experience a new type of video which they have never experienced before from any location or height, and the installation place can be a landmark by maximizing the attraction factors.

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