Indoor/outdoor fireplaces are the perfect bridge solution; offering both an exterior and indoor setting to create a stunning, three-dimensional tableau. Doubling its functionality and extending its impact, the indoor/outdoor fireplace is one of Ortal’s most creative models; boasting an element of luxury living for architects and designers who appreciate its design and flexibility.

The strong, exterior glass of the fireplace protects the home from outside elements like winds and condensation, while providing an efficient heating system to warm an indoor space. The variety of fire media options, facing materials and interior lighting options, as well as the being available in any size and dimension allow architects and designers to bring their vision to life.

Ortal’s cool wall technology enhances design possibilities and ensures that walls surrounding the fireplace, including the one directly above it, remain cool. Ortal’s innovative technology helps overcome virtually any design obstacle, allowing the flexibility to hang a work of art or a TV directly above the fireplace. Ortal’s cool wall technology enables free flow of cool air between the fireplace and its surrounding walls

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