As the outbound tourism and cross-border online shopping becomes more and more prevalent in China, which promotes serious of relevant products, Bull’s power transformer series emerges at the right moment.
Bull’s P2 is a transformer which breaks traditional transformer’s mechanical style–traditional and stacked design:
1.Original pillar-shaped design makes the arrangement of the components optimized.
2.Metal enclosure, exquisite workmanship makes it exquisite, versatile, and more suitable for modern household environment.
3.Intelligent, automatic recognition voltage, makes product extreme simplicity.
4.The product has multi-safety protection, such as thermal protection, short circuit protection, ground protection etc. which helps to keep appliance and users‘ safe.
5.Compared with ordinary domestic transformer in market, whose transfer efficiency is only 80%, Gongniu uses high quality pure copper wire and magnetic silicon steel core, the voltage conversion is stable and reliable with transfer efficiency of 95%.

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