Built with fine materials such as glass and steel, our new “Frameless” freestanding display cases are designed to seduce and amaze. Produced in a wide range of sizes, this new contemporary series evokes simplicity and lightness through refined lines and a minimum of visible components. With no frame at the top, this five-sided glass case rests on an ultra-thin steel base that provides the needed strength and stability. Built with 100% archival and recyclable materials, this unique new design has something to impress anyone: An invisible door! Without any visible opening system, this case can easily be operated by one person. Assembled with very high precision and within extremely narrow tolerances, the new frameless cases are guaranteed to meet museum industry conservation standards. Available with dimmable embedded lighting, motion sensors, humidity, temperature and LUX monitoring, the intelligent system is a truly appreciated feature to help maintain optimal preservation requirements. Our new Frameless Series allowed us to sign a new contract with the Smithsonian Institution and reach new markets with a first project in Dubai.

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