Best known for its Electrophoretic Display products that spurred the eReader movement, E Ink has applied its bi-stable ink technology to the architecture & design market with E Ink Prism™. Available in seven new hues – Voyage, Daydream, Blush, Sprout, Zest, Harvest and Waltz – the color changing architectural film acts like a dynamic skin for architectural products, changing the color of a wall, ceiling panel or entire room with the flip of a switch. E Ink Prism™ can be integrated with traditional architectural materials to make dynamic, one-of-a-kind experiences and designs. Bridging the gap between static and digital mediums, it enables endless experiential designs through a combination changing colors, patterns and user-defined programs. E Ink Prism™ can transform airport terminals into living exhibits, expand the utility of corporate spaces, and increase retail and trade show foot traffic. The product is rugged and flexible, allowing manufacturers and fabricators to cut, shape, and integrate with a wide variety of substrates. Its low power consumption reduces or eliminates the need for electrical outlets & enables alternative options such as batteries and/or photovoltaic cells.

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