EasyGate product line utilizes the most advanced security optical sensing technology integrated into an ergonomic cabinet. EasyGate turnstiles are intuitive user friendly solutions that facilitate „Self Service“ bi-directional entry control into secure areas at high throughput capacities. The motorized barriers are equipped with sliding panels controlled by advanced ASIC microprocessor platform running our highly tuned detection software algorithm. Product contains IR beam technology for our sensor arrays and engineered the detection system to be easily tuned „on site“ by selecting a choice of safety & security settings best suited for the specific environment and desired security levels. The top with LED lighting array that highlights the area above the card reader to intuitively guide the user to the location of the card reader.
APPLICATION AREAS: Office Buildings, Corporate Lobbies, Governmental Facilities, Financial Institutions, Data Centers, University Campus, Educational Institutions, Leisure Centers and Public Transport.
BENEFITS: High performance secure entry solution, Fast throughput rates, User friendly operation with safety redundancy, Ease of peripherals integration.

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