CLAYWAY silver clay is a eco-friendly material, consisting of sub-micron silver powder and cellulose, and made from recycled electronic waste.
Like other soft clay, silver clay can be shaped by hand, and after drying, the clay can be fired by klin or gas stove to burn away organic part and leave the pure silver part. Compare with traditional jewelry process, silver clay is more safe, low power cost, and much easier to use.
The most important thing is we took a year to optimize powder making process, not only reduce power cost, 1/200 of original electricity needs, but also make end items better strength, more shining, and low shrinkage.
Originally, silver powder was made by gas atomizer, but low yield rate and huge energy waste on melting and keep high temperature during manufacturing process.
So, we invented a wet chemical reduction method to solve these problem.
Step 1, purify recycled silver to silver nitrate
Step 2, dissolve silver nitrate as oxidant, and react with reductant
Step 3, control reaction concentration and speed to obtain certain type of powder
Step 4, drying
Step 5, combine with fiber and additives
Step 6, packing and finish

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