The purpose: The Smart Stone patented by Spaceti is an innovative and integral component of any future commercial and non-commercial space. After installation, the network of devices creates a Bluetooth system that, through a user-friendly app, helps people find their way throughout the any facility: offices, hospitals, or university campuses. The Smart Stone monitors temperature, tVOC, humidity, and CO2 levels. The sensory data are displayed in the Web Dashboard and help buildings owners and managers analyse and optimize the work environment. The design: The product itself was inspired by Zen philosophy. The Stone is a modern, simple, and unassuming piece of design that emulates a simple rock, one of the first tools humans took into their hands, and disguises an ingenious piece of tech. It’s ideal for the future’s organic working environments. The Smart Stone is plug & play. It mounts simply onto the wall and its batteries will power the Stone for all of 8 years. The Stone can be attached to any surface. The combination of the Smart Stone network, Spaceti’s mobile app and Dashboard creates an innovative solution for building owners, facility managers, and the occupants themselves.

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