MINI DING SMART SOCKET offers intelligent experience to users. What problem we meet: In daily life, we need various remote controls to control television, air condition, humidifier etc. And this always brings inconvenience. How this device solves: Firstly, it is a pretty EU standard socket. What’s more, your socket is a smart controller instead of those remotes. It could link and control every electric appliance separately by APP in smart-phone. Highlights: 1. Smart socket is integrated with timing, delay, infrared forward and intelligent scene functions. 2. Infrared forward capability makes smart socket be a universal remote control of household appliances. 3. First-class WIFI communication module make network connection  more stable, more secure and faster.  4. Resistance to high temperature and flame retardant material to ensure safety. 5.We also develop a unique technology to perform multiple function and reduce energy cost.

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