The Kohler IoT Kit includes the Kohler Box, motion sensor, flood sensor, and 1-way, 2-way and 5-way universal remotes, offering complete smart home personal control solutions, including smart toilets, showers, water filtration, heaters, faucets and more.

As the brain of the IoT kit, the Kohler Box receives data and broadcasts requests to Kohler products. Three types of remotes are available for users to preset with their favorite functions via the Kohler app. A One-touch button can be preset for a specific function, such as an emergency call for help, a switch for the heater, a key for opening the door or a reminder for family members. The Two-way remote divides the top surface into 2 areas which can be set up for toilet flush/eco flush or heater cool down/heat up. A Five-way remote can be set up for five favorite hot keys. These three combinations bring more flexibility, creativity and fun into our daily life.

The Kohler IoT Kit is designed with an aesthetic frosted housing and simple, clean cosmetics-like appearance to cohere with your interior design. For the kitchen and bathroom environment, all sensors have high waterproof specs and a long battery life of one year.

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