the cherry blossom fully automatic intelligent door lock, comes from the idea of formula one racing car, formula one is the most expensive, fastest, and has most advanced technology sports in the world.. the cherry blossom fully automatic intelligent door lock, is designed combined with smooth line and aesthetic feature. Give people A feeling of transformation from the traditional thinking. Brings elegant visual impact, combined with modern technology with a variety of invention patent, fully present the self-transcendence of the innovative spirit. Its cutting edge design, once caused many to follow suit in the industry.
fingerprint identification time is less than 1 second , let customers enjoy F1 high technology, bring pleasure to quickly open the door; Single point drive structure design, only need to locate the lock hole can be assembled and used, suitable for all lock, more versatile, more convenient to install ; Authority level management function, anti-counterfeiting password function suitable for different identity, different people use, , convenient, more secure.

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