DiCE is a new revolutionary hi-tech design device that controls, in a simple and functional way, the electrical consumption of our homes.
DiCE is a system based on IOT (Internet of things) technology, that help people to monitoring their energy consumption, and help people to be more aware and sustainable.
At a first glance, it looks like a unique colourful lamp with a simple yet hypnotizing design. In reality, it has an intelligent and multi-functional heart that interacts with us: it’s designed to keep power consumption under control just by looking at it (it communicates with your electrics and changes colour to warn you of any waste or limits: green if everything is fine, flashing red if you have reached the maximum power threshold), by touching it you can turn it into a game to play with family and friends and when needed, it becomes a wireless emergency light (to be controlled by touching it with a finger). his design-led device interacts with a simple stroke and with its integrated modem communicates autonomously with our home electrics. Thanks to its cutting- edge technology, it stores our habits (on consumption and timetable) and alerts us in case of changes or anomalie

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