The G28 switch through the Multi-group Connecting frame design, with the demand of actual usage scenario, the perfect solution to the problem of uneven height.
On appearance design,elegant and generous can abandon the complex procedure,design with extra size cover,and the siamesed frame wall switch improve the feeling of wall design, the application of surface micro-arc more sense of home.
Technically, the product of the die-pulling process can effectively reduce the gap, improve product sophistication, the back of the special reinforcement design, effectively prevent product deformation, shrinkage, make the product more integrated, and beautify the appearance of the product, the frame is added with the buckle design to facilitate the precise positioning of product installation, the product uses hot runner design, do not produce back material, Switch rear seat and the fixed frame as one injection molding, beautiful and strong,durable without deformation, and reduce process link, save the production cost of company.

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