This product is an innovative switch with a rimless design that firstly combines the technology of bicolor injection molding and 3D texturing in industry.
On appearance design, Its soft and smooth curve, and rimless conceptual design make the appearance more slim and beautiful, the edge of the switch button is designed to be transparent, cleverly combining the transparent part with the plating decorative frame to make the product more agile, innovative choose pearl white,vanilla yellow and mint green for the matching color.
Technically, different from a traditional 6°swing angle,bigger and frameless switch design combines with innovational 3.5°swing angle; Applied with Independent pendulum technology, it is more durable and quiet. It feels and sounds like a piano key. In addition, the backseat of this product and its support structure are casted together to improve its strength and stability, which thoroughly solve the difficult industry problem, simplify the assemblage process and save the labor cost.

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