Intelligent age, mobile APP had become an indispensable interactive mode for Smart Home.However, sometimes it is not so humane to take out a cell phone at home to control devices. This is the reason that we started to design a switch panel with touch screen.
We are dedicated to create beautiful and smart products. With the goal of designing an artwork and the philosophy of ‘Suffient design and natural intellengence’, the design of Magic Cube is concise and restrained. Good design should be restricted to functionality.
Build your Smart Home network with this easy to install in-wall switch that looks like an ordinary wall switch. No electrician required; this in a typical do-it-yourself installation and affordable for conversion room by room or the entire home or just certain types of appliances/lighting in your home.
MixPad is a smart panel with HD disply and six customizable physical keys.Besides these six physical keys to control locally, you can also control and check the status of devices from the touch screen. It’s a better way to manage and set up the linkage between devices, for a more convenient and comfortable life experience. In addition, MixPad can be managed remotel

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