Wall switches are the necessities of any household. When people get used to poorly designed and unsafe wall switches , we trys to design a switch that drives a balance between beauty and smarty.
The design of GeekRav Smart switch is concise and restrained. We adhere to the functional design and purse the perfect combination of appearance and function.
Build your Smart Home network with this easy to install in-wall switch that looks like an ordinary wall switch. No electrician required; this in a typical do-it-yourself installation and affordable for conversion room by room or the entire home or just certain types of appliances/lighting in your home.
In addition to local control, you can simply use App on your smartphone to turn on/off all your control devices and monitor consumption .You can set schedules to them and even set scenes to turn on a group of home appliances.
GeekRav Smart switch has made profound impovements on appearance, function and user experience.

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