Vinyl laminated metal composite panel is a new decorative materials with high quality, are made by laminating the imported vinyl and passivated metal composite materials basis by high temperature and high pressure.This product has the advanced features such as Fire Resistant, Moisture Resistant, Eco-friendly, Anti-bacterial, Anti-Scratch and Anti-stained, this product is the new decoration materials to replace the wooden, has great advantage for using at the decoration area both interior and exterior. The basis materials is metal composite materials. The Fire-resistance level can reach to A2. The decorative vinyl has been specially treated, so the product has the features with anti-stained, anti-bacterial and so on. The film Laminated metal composite panel mounting systems are divided into three installation systems, Coveni® Airtight Install System,Coveni® Open-Joint Install System, and Coveni® Airtight Install System. Coveni® Install System uses a dedicated keel component to assemble the beautiful board assembly. The entire installation process using screws, cards and other mechanical fixed, do not use any glue, health and safety.

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