R7 refers to filleting a 7mm round corner of the window sash and combining a series of modern technology and equipment modification, such as seamless whole welding, the overall painting, automated assembly, to upgrade the doors and windows industry.
Design Concept: The sash ratio and size range are both relatively fixed. We have experimented with many programs varying from 3mm to 15mm and found that: If the arc is too small, it will not only look beautiful, but also cannot guarantee safety; If the arc is too large, it will be easy to damage the structure, reduce the industrial production efficiency and destroy the beauty at the same time. Only 7mm can take both beauty and safety into account. Meanwhile, the combination of seamless whole welding solves a series of problems that affect the beauty, such as angular cracks of traditional doors and windows and the angle unevenness caused by inevitable profile tolerances.
Performance: 7mm can ensure the connection of the internal structure and insulation materials to be not damaged. And functions such as angle strength, waterproof, wind-resistance can be fully protected; As well, 7mm arc can minimize the harm to human beings.

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