The ground breaking, large-format, cero sliding window has the hallmark of becoming a design classic: The aluminium profile is barely the width of two fingers while the concealed frame fits seamlessly into the floor, wall and ceil-ing.
Elements of up to 15 sq m are possible, but even those that weigh up to 1000 kg glide quietly and effortlessly to the side. There is even an impressive range of installation options: cero offers panels that can be parked and hidden into a niche as well as an all-glass corner solution. For example, two window panels can open away from a corner, exposing the whole area al-lowing the designer to remove the need for a structural corner post.

cero has two crucial technical USPs: the new integrated running gear and the standard-compliant compensation of glass tolerances. This design is the first to actually meet the legal requirements for glazing rebate back-ventilation and drainage. The carriage mechanism is not located in the floor track, as usually expected, but an integral part of the panel itself. Here it is protected, enabling the panels to slide smoother for longer. cero can be motorised and is RC2-certified.

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