TECHLAM® is a porcelain tile, 3 mm and 5 mm thick, which is sold in panels of up to 1000×3000 mm. Its large size and minimal thickness make this porcelain the best solution for floors, walls, façades and other architectural and decorative uses. Its versatility in terms of size, colour, combination with other materials and its technical characteristics with regard to durability, hygiene and flexibility make TECHLAM® a versatile product that can be used for many different applications. Additionally, ongoing improvement and excellent R&D has given TECHLAM® the most advanced digital technology in the industry with new collections designed to meet ever more demanding market needs. Levantina recently has launched Strattos Collection whose veins and grooves make it look and feel like cement which has been levelled. This material is ideal for giving an industrial feel to spaces when you want a contemporary, functional look. Strattos is sold in a natural or bushhammered finish, which has anti-slip properties.

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