Flotex is a high tech textile with a unique construction of nylon 6.6 fibers injected into an impermeable vinyl base, creating a strong and durable, yet warm and comfortable floor covering surface. The densely packed surface of over 70 million fibers per m2 creates a unique tactile experience. The original white nylon fibers are digitally colored to high precision, allowing even high quality photo print images to appear on the floor. In Flotex Cityscape a new and revolutionary technique has been added which creates pile height alterations to the densely packed fiber surface creating a third dimension to the floor. The technique creates an intriguing design that changes in the light from whatever angle you observe the floor. The linear design pattern that has been used for the Flotex Cityscape collection is inspired by the lines and intersections of the urban landscape and mimics the reflection and the rhythm of the windows of the city’s sky scraper buildings. The collection can be customized and the 3D embossing can be used on all linear Flotex designs and as such becomes a unique floor covering or can serve as design highlight in an office floor design.

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