Allura Fusion, is a new and revolutionary manufacturing technique for luxury vinyl tiles that have a real depth of color and realistic embossed structures of wood and stone. Other then with printed planks or tiles Allura Fusion has no pattern repetition and each plank or tile becomes truly unique. As the PVC paste flows freely over the surface of the sheet material which is later cut into planks, a random natural flowing design is created with a personal aesthetic quality that is both soft in its form and solid in character. The deep natural colors provide a and extra dimension to the floor, each time enhanced with a realistic embossing that creates structures with hints of petrified wood or pumice stone. The collection is limited to under 10 items and the technique is not stretched over a wide range of colors and keeps close to the original idea to stay close to nature, for all those who like to see wood or stone but are tired of the printed repetition and the customary ‚golden oak or white washed planks.

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