No doubt metro turns into a super transportation with the highest utilization while more and more people regard it as the first choice. However, wayfinding system in a modern city, Shanghai, is much more complex and repetitive in sign design, which could improve and innovate this situation.

In this design of sign pictogram, beginning with the arrow standard, roughly changing each sign sharp corner into the circular bead, in order to show a soft but highly efficient way in directing. Compared with the sharp one in Shanghai metro presently, circular bead is more good-looking and practical in guidance. The mass tone is red which is the standard color for Line 1 in Shanghai metro, so firstly, create red sign icon to increase virtual resolution. Besides, each line has its exclusive color that can be easily reorganized and remembered by passengers. Direction cannot always be the function to pictogram system, it can also disseminate the Shanghai culture through sign design in the metro system.

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