Users of WINBOT WA3, a wireless smart window cleaning robot, will no longer be restricted by the length of the power cord and the position of the electrical outlets when using the product. Equipped with a 3000 mA large capacity battery, it can operate for 50 minutes and clean a total area of approximately 16 sqm at a time. Its size and weight remains close to the product of the previous generation. It also has an in-depth cleaning mode setup, i.e., the N+ Z shaped cleaning path, which allows it to increase the cleaning effect automatically. When the battery is low, WINBOT WA3 will automatically return to its charging dock. Its back-up power system which allows it to stay on the window has been extended from to 15 minutes to 30 minutes. To further ensure the safety feature of WINBOT WA3, a vacuum real-time detection function has been added to the safety suction pod, which will emit smart reminders when the vacuum is low.

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