The striking design of the TW series carries innovations at every level of engagement for professional farm workers. These products satisfy the need for precision data management and enable international regulatory traceability of animals from farm gate to food plate. TW series leverages RFID animal tag technology for animal weighing, data collection, monitoring and analysis. The familiar GUI stimulates intuitive navigation, breaking down complexity and making access to productivity improving animal data easy. The TW series products share the same enclosure. TW1 is an entry level unit with a simplified alphanumeric keypad and functionality. TW3 has a full QWERTY alphanumeric keypad and advanced functionality for animal traits and drafting. TW software facilitates easy connection to load bars, readers and Gallagher’s own Animal Performance Software (APS) to access animal and mob performance information and data analysis. All field recorded data can be uploaded to APS software, and exported without double handling. Gallagher Dashboard App allows smartphones, tablets, or PCs to access data anywhere, anytime from the Weigh Scale using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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