SPI has developed a tamper evident food container with an unique post-lock function. The food container is able to be closed tightly and then locked, to insure food safety. Breaking this post-lock on the container’s corner is the only way to obtain the food inside. Through this system, consumers can easily detect whether or not the contents of the container has been tampered with before purchase. The features are no removable and tear away pieces and avoid possible hazards. Less lid geometry and clear sidewalls are designed for attractively merchandise like deserts and salads.
In over 30 years of experience, SPI has served the needs of various domestic and overseas companies and considers food safety as primary focus in managing operations to creating more secure food storage containers for clients. Our new tamper evident food containers help food packers reduce shrink labels and labor costs. We also design the food containers to increase the case pack volume per carton. It is with this in mind that SPI develops its new and unique tamper evident containers. This helps consumers to avoid buying contaminated food and also provides better food safety during industrial packaging.

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